Algarve municipality crowned 3rd best sustainable destination in the world – The Portugal News

Algarve municipality crowned 3rd best sustainable destination in the world – The Portugal News

Representatives of the municipality of Lagos received the 3rd place award of the 2024 Green Destinations Top 100 Story Awards at ITB Berlin 2024, the largest tourism fair in the world.  

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10 Mar 2024, 17:02

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: Camera Municipal de Lagos;

A press release from the muncipality reads, that Lagos competed in this edition with a presentation dedicated to the recently carried out intervention of the Conservation of the Meia Praia Dune Cordon and was triumphant, winning the award in the “Nature and Landscape” category.

This award aims to recognise the efforts that have been made to make tourism an increasingly sustainable activity, as well as respectful and compatible with the preservation of the natural and cultural values of the territories.

Lagos’ achievement is evidence of the work and dedication of the community as a whole, which is not unrelated to the commitment and investment on the part of the municipality and the various public and private agents, decisive for the qualification of the tourist offer and its sustainability.

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: Camera Municipal de Lagos;

According to the press release, “Walking in Harmony – How Nature was Recovered and Valued” is the title of the story that describes the good practice presented by the municipality of Lagos, which was initially chosen to be part of the list of the 100 best world stories of the Green Destinations competition, and was then positioned in the top 6 of the “Nature and Scenery” category and eventually lead them to reach the 3rd prize, on a podium shared with destinations from Thailand and Mexico.

This is the second piece of good news in the space of just one week with the municipality having already received at BTL – Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa, the certificate with the mention “Gold” (Quality Coast Gold Award) of Green Destinations.

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: Camera Municipal de Lagos;

The elevation of the certification status of the Lagos destination from “Silver” to “Gold” confirmed the improvements made towards sustainability, duly verified in the last audit, in aspects such as nature and heritage conservation, waste management, energy and climate.

For the mayor of Lacobrigense Hugo Pereira, “this recognition gives encouragement and a redoubled breath to the sustainability policy promoted by the municipality, setting us a new level of demand that translates into reaching, in the next application, the maximum level of certification, the ‘Platinum’ award”.

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