Eco-Friendly Upcycled Haircare – Trend Hunter

Eco-Friendly Upcycled Haircare – Trend Hunter

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Eco-Friendly Upcycled Haircare

InnerJoi by Joico Features Apple Extract and Olive Esters

InnerJoi by Joico supports hair with clean formulas made with upcycled natural ingredients. In the new lineup, there are formulas made with hydration, strength and color preservation in mind, each of which helps consumers care for their hair in a way that suits them best. In the Hydrate Shampoo, upcycled apple extract is paired with olive ester from the production of olive oil. The pink-hued packaging for the brand’s Preserve Shampoo hints at vibrantly colored, naturally derived ingredients in the formula like raspberry seed oil and beet root extract.

Joico took care to invest as much into its packaging as its mindfully made formulas. All InnerJoi shampoos and conditioners are packaged in recovered and recycled Social Plastic, and all other InnerJoi bottles are made with a minimum of 50% PCR plastic.

Trend Themes

1. Clean Beauty – The trend of clean beauty is driving the development of eco-friendly haircare products made with upcycled natural ingredients.

2. Sustainable Packaging – The demand for sustainable packaging is prompting companies like Joico to use recovered and recycled plastic in their products.

3. Personalized Haircare – Consumers are looking for haircare products that cater to their specific needs, leading to the development of formulas that address hydration, strength, and color preservation.

Industry Implications

1. Beauty and Personal Care – The beauty and personal care industry has seen a rise in demand for clean, eco-friendly haircare products.

2. Packaging – The packaging industry is evolving to meet the need for sustainable solutions, such as using recovered and recycled plastic.

3. Consumer Goods – The consumer goods industry is embracing the trend of personalized haircare by offering products that cater to specific hair needs.