Give Your Old Decanters New Life With These Ingenious Upcycle Hacks – House Digest

Give Your Old Decanters New Life With These Ingenious Upcycle Hacks – House Digest
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No bar cart is complete without a decanter. The fancy bottle has an air of sophistication, but many have them and don’t know what they are for. The glass containers aren’t just for looks. Decanters let the spirits poured inside breath for a better taste. Typically made from glass or crystals, these canisters are sturdy and have air-tight seals, making them great for more than just wines and cocktails. You can repurpose old or unused decanters around the house for decoration, gardening, and storage.

Decanters come in all shapes and sizes, from classic round vessels to horse-shaped bottles. They bring a unique touch when upcycled around your home. However, it is important to note some decanters may contain lead. These pieces are often heavier than their glass counterparts and have an echoing chime when tapped. If you’re concerned this is an issue with your decanters, check your vintage glassware for lead and avoid using them for food, plants, or personal care hacks. Fortunately, you can still upcycle them into stunning decor or storage displays.

Use them as incense holders

Burning incense is an ancient practice used for spiritual and meditative purposes — releasing an inviting fragrance. Placing the scented stick inside a decanter turns the vessel into a decorative diffuser. First, slide the bottom end of the reed into a key ring, making a stopper to prevent the stick from falling into the container. Then, insert the incense into the glass, ensuring it doesn’t touch the sides. This hack works best with wide-body and short-neck decanters. Clear bottles are even better as you can see the smoke, giving it a magical touch.

Propagate plant clippings

You can use a decanter to propagate plant clippings. The glass jar is perfect for big-leaf houseplants like Monstera deliciosa and Philodendron xanadu. Just fill the container with water and submerge the roots or nodes, letting the leaf float above the surface. Flat decanter lids also work for microgreens and smaller leaf clippings. Simply turn the top upside down, fill the mouth with water, and add your propagation.

House bathroom essentials

A decanter is one thing you’re missing to turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa. Use the decorative glass to store mouthwash, shower gel, hand soap, and other bathroom essentials. Trading the store-bought container for the vintage canister instantly gives the loo a facelift. However, certain products, like shampoo and peroxide, are in opaque containers to protect the active ingredients from light exposure. Therefore, you should pour it into a dark decanter if it comes in a dark container.

Decant cooking oils

Add decanters to your serving tray, but not for cocktails. Instead, use it to store oils. It is a simple way to elevate your platters and set up for a memorable dinner party. Guest can pour the oil into little bowls to dip bread, drizzle on salads, or accompany their charcuterie. Remember, if the oil’s original packing is dark, it is best to transfer it to an opaque decanter.

Elevate mini jars

Spice jars are great for repurposing around your home. You can use them to house loose changes, cotton swabs, buttons, and other small items. Further, you can elevate the mini storage by swapping the plastic lid for a decanter top. It transforms the salt shaker into a vintage apothecary jar that is not only stylish but functional. It’s the perfect way to make use of the decanter lid while the base is occupied for another upcycle hack.

Craft a flower vase

Flowers might make a better match for a decanter than wine. The glass vessel is a stylish vase for bouquets. Leave the decanter as is, or coat it in your favorite spray paint for a new look. You can also fill the aerator-turned-vase with feathers or branches. It makes a stunning centerpiece for dinner tables and chic decor for shelves.

DIY lanterns

Decanters are gorgeous on their own, but with lights, they get even better. Turn the glass canister into a homemade lantern with fairy lights. Simply feed the stringed bulbs into the decanter and top it with the lid. The LEDs offer a soft glow for a warm ambiance in your home. Style the twinkling glass on tabletops, shelves, mantels, or bookcases.

Make crystal bookends

Bookends are a stylish feature that keeps your novels in place and makes your bookshelves a work of art. Decanters are stellar stand-ins for this accessory. Prop the glass next to your book stack, and voila. If need be, you can add weight to the canister by filling it with marbles, water, pebbles, or sand. It will increase its sturdiness and chic look.