Global Recycling Day 2024: List of things you can recycle and what are the methods of recycling – News9 LIVE

Global Recycling Day 2024: List of things you can recycle and what are the methods of recycling – News9 LIVE

Global Recycling Day 2024 will be observed on March 18. The day was formed to educate the masses about how recycling can help protect the environment. This article lists nine things you can recycle and explains the recycling methods.

Global Recycling Day 2024: List of things you can recycle and what are the methods of recycling

Global Recycling Day is observed on March 18 (Photo credit: Depositphotos)

New Delhi: Global Recycling Day, observed on March 18, focuses on promoting recycling and conservation and educating people about the need for recycling. There are various ways to recycle items, even at home. Before throwing away old items, you should think about recycling them, how they can be reused, and in what way; on the occasion of the seventh Global Recycling Day, let us look at the things you can recycle and the recycling methods.

List of 9 things that you can recycle

  1. Plastic
  2. Paper
  3. Metal Cans
  4. Glass
  5. Ink Cartridges
  6. Disposable cups and plates
  7. Power cords
  8. Cardboard boxes
  9. Lead-Acid Batteries

What are the different methods of recycling?

Collecting waste materials and processing them into new products is called recycling. Trashed waste can be turned into valuable products that benefit the community and the environment.

There are three recycling processes, and each has basic steps.

  • First: Collecting and separating recyclable materials from waste.
  • Second: The residue goes through any of these three procedures and is reverted into raw material.
  • Third: Raw material turns into a finished product again.

Three types of recycling

Mechanical Recycling

This is the most used method worldwide. Mechanic recycling gives residue to new use and is used to recycle plastics. The recycled plastics are from industrial scrap, domestic, or commercial disposals. They mechanically change into new materials without changing their chemical structures.

Mechanical recycling makes valuable plastic waste through grinding, washing, separating, drying, re-granulating, and compounding.

The mechanically recycled plastics are used in making

  • Garbage bags
  • Floors
  • Car parts

Mechanical recycling is widely used for Polyolefin (PE and PP).

Energy Recycling

Energy recycling is the second method of recycling. One can convert plastics into thermal and electric energy, which is done by leveraging through incineration, and the heat is released as fuel. The energy-reusing method requires small space; it can separate the energetic network and upgrade the space open in most populated urban zones. Although this strategy is not monetarily reasonable, it needs profound theory and commitment from open pros. Other than that, energy reusing is an environmentally well-disposed course of action. There are catalysers in squander-burning plants to keep the outpourings of the energy-reusing handle.

Chemical Recycling

The most complex type of method is chemical recycling. It is a process where the chemical structures of plastics are modified after reprocessing them. The final product is produced as raw material in different industries. This can also be an essential input in manufacturing new plastic products. This recycling method is expensive and requires a massive amount of plastic availability.