Ministry of Municipality to provide free recyclable materials to Qatar’s recycling factories – Doha News

Ministry of Municipality to provide free recyclable materials to Qatar’s recycling factories – Doha News

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Qatar’s Ministry of Municipality announces the provision of recyclable materials to recycling factories for free, promoting sustainability and aligning with Qatar National Vision 2030 goals.

The Ministry of Municipality (MoM) has announced it will provide recyclable materials free of charge to recycling factories across Qatar.

This initiative, aimed at bolstering sustainability practices, is part of the country’s broader commitment to achieving the objectives outlined in the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Assistant Director of the Waste Recycling and Treatment Department at the Ministry, Hassan Al Nasr, recently shared insights on this during an interview with Qatar TV.

Al Nasr emphasised the importance Qatar places on recycling as a key component of its environmental strategy.

“This is one of the initiatives of the ministry aimed at making economic benefits and cutting the carbon footprint to meet the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030,” he stated.

The Waste Management Centre, operated by the department, processes approximately 2,300 tonnes of waste daily.

This facility not only segregates waste to recover recyclable materials but also transforms the residual waste into fertilisers and green energy, particularly electricity.

The recyclable materials retrieved are then supplied to recycling factories situated in Al Afjah for Recycling Industries without any cost, covering a wide array of recyclables including electronics, batteries, cables, plastics, and papers.

Al Nasr highlighted the comprehensive nature of the recycling capabilities within the Al Afjah area, noting that the facilities there manage nearly all types of recyclable waste.

“There are dedicated factories for recycling chemical materials, oil and batteries, which adhere to international standards,” he added.

The ministry is not stopping there.

Among its various initiatives to encourage recycling, waste segregation at source is already underway at Hamad International Airport (HIA), and plans are in place to establish numerous waste transfer stations for further sorting.

Al Afjah, located in the Mesaieed Industrial Area approximately 40 km south of Doha, is rapidly developing into a central hub for the recycling industry.

This development is in line with Qatar’s ambitious sustainability and circular economy goals. Currently, over a dozen recycling factories are operational within the area, with around seven more expected to commence operations shortly.

Additionally, 12 factories are under construction, and out of 252 allocated plots in Al Afjah, 53 are specifically reserved for recycling factories.

The establishment of the Al Afjah area for recycling industries underscores Qatar’s strategy to foster partnerships between the government and private sectors.

Activities within Al Afjah span a wide range, from recycling oil, medical waste, wood, metal, electronic items, plastic, tyres, and batteries to the segregation and recycling of construction waste, marking a significant step towards a sustainable future.


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