New Upcycled Active by CLR Proven to be Effective in Alleviating Stressed Skin – Happi

Is clinically proven to act against the negative effects of systemic cortisol by improving skin health.


CLR’s AnnonaSense CLR is clinically proven to have a positive influence on the skin-brain feedback loop, per new test results released by the company.

A natural and upcycled ingredient, AnnonaSense CLR is obtained from Annona cherimola, common name Cherimoya, an edible fruit originating from South America.


To assess AnnonaSense CLR’s effect on stressed skin from cortisol build-up in the body, a new study was conducted by CLR on 117 volunteers with sensitive skin and/or a stressful life. 

Part of the volunteers applied a cream containing AnnonaSense CLR; another part of the volunteers applied the same formulation without AnnonaSense CLR (placebo); and a third part applied the placebo and combined this with a facial massage, which was expected to have a large impact on skin and wellbeing.

The study showed that AnnonaSense CLR has a strong influence on the entire skin-brain feedback loop. It perceivably improved the look and comfort of skin and it reduces psychological stress and improves quality of sleep. AnnonaSense CLR reduces the production of cortisol inside the body and acts against the negative effects of systemic cortisol of skin by improving skin health.