Second EuReComp workshop explores technologies, strategies shaping composites recycling – CompositesWorld

Second EuReComp workshop explores technologies, strategies shaping composites recycling – CompositesWorld

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The EuReComp (“European recycling and circularity in large composite components”) consortium announces its second workshop, scheduled for April 24, 2024 at the Aimen Technology Centre in Vigo, Spain. This seminal event marks a significant milestone in the composite materials recycling industry, offering a platform for professionals, researchers and enthusiasts to engage with the latest advancements in sustainable composites recycling.

The April workshop is dedicated to fostering innovation and sustainability within the composites recycling sector. It will feature a comprehensive program that includes keynote presentations by leading experts, interactive discussions on the circular economy and hands-on demonstrations showcasing the newest research and technological developments.

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  • Innovative learning: Participants will have the chance to learn directly from pioneers in the field, offering insights into groundbreaking research and the practical applications of nondestructive testing (NDT), spectroscopic techniques and more.
  • Networking opportunities: The workshop provides an environment for networking with professionals and peers from academia and industry, encouraging the exchange of ideas and fostering new collaborations.
  • Practical demonstrations: Attendees will gain hands-on experience through demonstrations at Aimen’s facilities, illustrating the real-world application of theoretical concepts in composite materials labs, LIBS lab and NDT lab.
  • Expert roundtables: The event will feature roundtable discussions and forums with international experts, covering vital topics such as thermoplastic repairing and the repairing of wind turbine blades.
  • Advanced training: A preview and training session on the latest Moodle content will be available, enhancing the e-learning experience for participants.
  • Community building: The second EuReComp workshop is also an opportunity to join a community of individuals passionate about composites and sustainability, driving forward the conversation on innovation and eco-friendly practices.

The workshop promises to be an inspiring, educational and transformative experience, emphasizing the consortium’s commitment to advancing sustainable practices in composite recycling.

For those interested in participating in the event, detailed information and registration are available on the EuReComp website.

EuReComp is an EC-funded cooperation project started in April 2022. Led by Research Lab of Advanced, Composite, Nano Materials & Nanotechnology of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), it has a duration of 4 years.

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