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A teen novel is providing inspiration for girls to upcycle clothes

Author: Aaron HarperPublished 10 hours ago

Teenage girls across the South West are being encouraged to forge their own identity.

Over 10,000 Girl Guides in the region are teaming up with author Salisbury Tash Bell, writer of teen novel The Swish, which tells the story of a ‘charity shop Cinderella’.

It’s in an effort to tackle fast fashion, a term used to describe clothing designs that move rapidly from the catwalk to stores to capitalise on current trends, which Ms Bell says hurts young people by putting them ‘under pressure to look a certain way’.

Girls are being encouraged to upcycle their clothes through the launching of ‘The Swish Fashion Upcycling Badge’ by Girlguiding South West, inspired by the novels message for readers to get creative and cultivate their own identity.

Over the spring term, Girlguiding units will take part in a series of creative challenges to help them learn about sustainable fashion, encouraging them to start thrifting, upcycling and making their own clothes.

Sarah-Jane Brining, Communications and Engagement Manager at Girlguiding South West England, said: “The response to the Swish Fashion Upcycling challenge has been outstanding, with almost 10,000 potential young members and volunteers expected to take part.

“The resource challenge pack includes activities linking to reworking, restyling and regifting, as well as getting the girls to explore their unique style and research the impact of fast fashion on the planet.”

Ms Bell said she’s excited about the partnership: “In these difficult times, I wanted to create something to help young people feel good about themselves. I’m so pleased that the ‘Swish’ badge does this as well – by the bucket loads!

“It’s heartening that Kat’s story will inspire so many young girls. I’m particularly thrilled that the badge puts the spotlight on sustainability, and that Girl Guides will receive their very own badge, inspired by the book.”

Sales of the book support Swish fashion upcycling workshops for youth charities, young carers, schools and libraries.

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