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Distilleries are launching new products made from upcycled grape and grape pomace

Trend – Distilleries are using grapes and grape pomace intended to be discarded to make new drinks. These drinks include Wines and Piquettes, and are new collections marketed as eco-forward additions to the wine industry. These drinks reduce and in some cases eliminate waste from wine production systems.

Insight – Younger millenial and Gen Z consumers are becoming more aware of their passive environmental impact each year, with many looking to adopt more sustainable lifestyles, provided these do not come with significant compromises. One such area that consumers are prioritizing sustainability in is food and drink, increasingly opting for products that avoid single-use plastics and damaging ingredients. Alcohol brands are recognizing these priorities and are looking into more sustainable practices.

Workshop Question – How could your brand incorporate more sustainable materials or practices into its day-to-day operations?

Trend Themes

1. Upcycled Low-alcohol Beverages – Ditto captures the attention of consumers with its pop of color and design-forward packaging. Its star product is made entirely from upcycled grapes.

2. Repurposed Pressed Juice – Joni’s ready-to-drink beverages offer a refreshing and sophisticated alternative for those seeking a unique, non-alcoholic beverage.

3. Waste Reduction in Wine-making – Joni’s two flavorful verjus varieties repurpose grapes that are removed as part of the culling process that thins grape vines to optimize flavors for wine-making.

Industry Implications

1. Alcoholic Beverages – Ditto’s upcycled low-alcohol beverage appeals to consumers looking for eco-friendly options in the alcoholic beverage market.

2. Non-alcoholic Beverages – Joni’s repurposed pressed juice beverages cater to the growing demand for unique, non-alcoholic alternatives.

3. Wine Industry – Joni’s verjus varieties contribute to waste reduction in wine-making while offering a sophisticated alternative for wine enthusiasts.

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