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Kubik is a startup that aims to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions by transforming them into low-cost and low-carbon building materials. Kubik uses a two-step process to upcycle plastic waste: first, it converts organic waste into biochar, a carbon-rich form of charcoal that can act as a catalyst; second, it uses the biochar to break down the plastic waste into gas and oil, which are then purified and molded into various products, such as bricks, tiles, and panels. Kubik claims that its products are 40% cheaper, twice as fast to build with, and five times less polluting than conventional materials.

Kubik’s products have the potential to improve the housing situation in Ethiopia, which is one of the startup’s main goals. This is in part due to the high number of houses that require repair or total reconstruction. By using plastic waste as a resource, Kubik can help address the environmental and social challenges of urbanization, such as landfills. Kubik’s products are also designed to be durable, fire-resistant, and well-insulated, making them suitable for various types of buildings, such as residential, commercial, and public facilities. Kubik has already built several projects in Ethiopia and Kenya, and is looking for partners and investors to scale up its operations throughout Africa and beyond.

Image Credit: Kubik