Upcycled Protein Shakes – Trend Hunter

Upcycled Protein Shakes – Trend Hunter

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Upcycled Protein Shakes

REBBL Protein Shakes Use Upcycled Certified Non-GMO Barley

Active individuals who are looking for a simple way to refuel and replenish on the go have their pick of many protein-packed beverages, and REBBL Protein Shakes set themselves apart as first-of-their-kind upcycled protein shakes. These protein shakes are available in flavorful varieties like Milk Chocolate, Vanilla and Cookies & Creme, all of which feature silky smooth coconut milk.

These upcycled protein beverages make the most of a proprietary protein blend made with certified upcycled non-GMO barley with 26 grams of protein and just four grams of sugar. As the plant-powered beverage brand says, “By using upcycled ingredients, REBBL’s innovative protein blend helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by food waste and creates a lower carbon footprint than other proteins available in the market at this scale.”

Trend Themes

1. Upcycled Protein Shakes – Innovative take on protein beverages utilizing upcycled non-GMO barley for sustainable nutrition.

2. Plant-powered Protein Blends – Exploring plant-based protein blends to reduce food waste and lower carbon footprint in the beverage industry.

3. Proprietary Protein Formulations – Development of proprietary protein formulations using upcycled ingredients for eco-friendly protein shakes.

Industry Implications

1. Health and Wellness – Health and wellness industry can leverage upcycled protein shakes to cater to environmentally conscious consumers seeking sustainable nutrition.

2. Food and Beverage – Food and beverage sector has opportunities for innovation through plant-powered protein blends for a more sustainable product lineup.

3. Sustainable Packaging – Sustainable packaging industry can collaborate with protein shake brands to offer eco-friendly packaging solutions aligning with upcycling principles.