Woman shares crafty tip to make use of glass bottles: ‘I’m also the queen of spending little to no money’ – The Cool Down

Woman shares crafty tip to make use of glass bottles: ‘I’m also the queen of spending little to no money’ – The Cool Down

Photo Credit: TikTok

Upcycling bottles into beautiful decorations is trending on TikTok — and it’s good for our wallets and the environment.

Over 14,000 people have liked TikTok user Jessica Clifton’s (@jess.cliftonn) recent DIY instruction video, which demonstrates how to repurpose Frank’s RedHot Sauce bottles into captivating candleholders and mini plant propagations.

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“Hot girls see empty bottles as an opportunity,” Jessica says. “My dad had a grilling tournament, and I took the empty bottles out of the trash.”

In the quick video, Jessica first removes the labels from three glass bottles by running them under hot water, then washing them with soap. She trims the wicks of a long red candle to fit one bottle perfectly before sliding it inside, instantly creating mood lighting ready for display.

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Jessica transforms the remaining bottles into tiny indoor gardens, inserting propagated clippings into two of the repurposed vessels.

“I’m also the queen of spending little to no money on Christmas decor,” says Jessica. “I’m obsessed [with my creations].”

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Jessica’s creative hacks speak to viewers looking to cut decoration costs and pursue eco-conscious projects. Upcycling glass into home goods also reduces waste accumulating in landfills. 

Every year, over 28 billion glass jars and bottles end up in landfills, according to Recycle Across America. Repurposing these everyday containers already found in most homes offers a simple way to give used goods a renewed purpose.

Fans’ reactions confirm the universal appeal of these sustainable, budget-friendly ideas.

“Those bottles are so cute,” writes one viewer.

“I too can never throw away a good jar or bottle,” writes another.

A particularly crafty commenter says, “Yes! I use my kombucha bottles as vases.”

Whether propagating plants or mood-setting candlelight, Jessica’s video reminds us that we can start living sustainably by looking inside our recycling bins. Something as mundane as an emptied sauce bottle or food jar may turn into a charming, eco-conscious home project.

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