Bibi Bazz collection uses upcycled trainers for eco-friendly, fashionable bags – Yanko Design

Bibi Bazz collection uses upcycled trainers for eco-friendly, fashionable bags – Yanko Design

I personally know some people who go through sneakers and trainers like they go through toilet paper. Okay that maybe an exaggeration but there are a lot of collectors and wearers out there who do spend a lot on this kind of footwear and dispose of their old ones in a not so sustainable manner. So when we see designers and brands that recycle or upcycle these things as part of sustainable fashion, we pay attention and if we can afford it, we support them. If you also like owning limited edition pieces, then this new collection may be something you’d like to add to your closet.

Designer: Bibi Bazz

Bibi Bazz is a brand that focuses on upcycling and their Genesis Collection brings handcrafted bags made from damaged or deadstock trainers. This is just the first drop in their collection and is made up of limited edition shoulder bags and crossbody styles that can make you look like an eco-friendly rockstar. Aside from the different colors and textures, these bags also come with denim shoulder straps for a chic look. They also have interior pouches if you need to secure some small items.

The Fresh Start Trainer cross body bag uses deadstock Puma trainers in white and black colors. The Emerge Trainer Bag is a shoulder bag using a blue base with pink details and a denim strap as well. If you want something with bolder colors, the Rebirth Trainer is a crossbody bag with blue and neon orange hues with white accents. Meanwhile, the Revive Trainer is a crossbody bag with a red base and black patterns. If you’re more adventurous in your color palette, you can get the Renewal Trainer bag with its mix of neon lime, black, and green colors or the Pioneer Trainer Bag with its neon orange, pink, and yellow hues.

The bags from the Genesis Collection has a price range of £70-100. They’re in fact the first items available for the launch of Bibi Bazz’ online store. Even though the model on their website is a woman, the bags “transcend gender” and are meant to not only be eco-friendly but also inclusive. Since there are only limited items available, you might want to buy your upcycled trainer bags now.