Cumberland Council thankful for recycling site tidiness | News and Star – News & Star

Cumberland Council is showing its gratitude to residents for their continued efforts towards maintaining recycling sites’ cleanliness during the festive season.

Throughout this festive period, the household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) remained operational, only closed on certain key dates, during which they saw significant use from residents.

During the holiday season, residents used the ‘recycling bring sites’ across Cumberland, many of which are located in supermarket car parks.

News and Star: The site in 2023The site in 2023 (Image: Cumberland Council)

Residents were reminded not to abandon items on the ground when bins or cages were filled to capacity, and were advised to, instead, take their items back home and return on a different day if necessary.

Enforcement officers equipped with CCTV surveillance played a role in maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of these areas by closely monitoring bring sites to prevent fly-tipping.

Prior images of the collection points reveal just how cluttered the sites were in previous years compared to the improvements observed this year.

News and Star: The site in 2022The site in 2022 (Image: Cumberland Council)

The council says the change can be attributed to the combined efforts of the local residents and the team of staff who have monitored the sites.

The council is urging the local community to continue these practices into the New Year, stressing the importance of preserving cleanliness at the bring sites.

If bins or cages are full, residents are reminded to return on a different day with their items.

Also, they have been reminded about checking that each bin contains the correct items as they are clearly marked.

Adherence to these practices avoids contamination and improves the overall health and sustainability of the Cumberland area.

Councillor Denise Rollo, Cumberland Council’s executive member for sustainable, resilient and connected places, said: “I want to thank everyone for their cooperation and patience during the festive season.

“As evident from the images, we previously encountered untidiness and unpleasant scenes at some of the collection sites. However, this year presents an absolute contrast.

“The improved situation is a result of the understanding and collaboration of our residents, as well as the dedicated efforts of the teams working tirelessly during the festive season to maintain cleanliness at the sites.

“A huge thank you to everyone who played a part into supporting a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable environment, and we would like to encourage people to continue with these exemplary measures.”

For more information about the household waste recycling centres, visit Cumberland Council’s website.