FLASH: JCNE and AHK have signed an agreement on lithium battery recycling – Mysteel Global

On January 30th, the signing ceremony for technical cooperation between Jiecheng New Energy Company (JCNE) and Alfred H Knight (“AHK”) Group was grandly held at the headquarters of Jiecheng New Energy.

This strategic cooperation aims to jointly develop and innovate testing technology in the field of lithium battery recycling and comprehensive utilization, achieving more objective, fair, and accurate sampling, sample preparation, and testing. Both parties will promote the formulation and implementation of testing standards, ultimately improving business and settlement efficiency in the lithium battery recycling industry, achieving cost reduction and efficiency increase, and supporting the dual carbon goals. In addition, both parties have reached an agreement to achieve complementarity and greater value through the coordination of domestic and foreign resources and joint talent training. 

Edited by Cassie Li, lixiangying@mysteel.com