Newquay’s Community Effort in Beach Clean-Up and Recycling Drive – Cornish Stuff

Newquay’s Community Effort in Beach Clean-Up and Recycling Drive – Cornish Stuff

In a commendable display of community spirit and environmental responsibility, Newquay Wild Activities has been actively participating in beach clean-up operations in collaboration with local groups and businesses.

The organisation, which usually entertains guests with outdoor activities, utilises its resources to support environmental causes during its off-hours.

Collaborative Beach Clean-Up

A recent beach clean-up event saw Newquay Beach Care joining forces with Watergate Bay Hotel to tackle the persistent issue of marine litter along the coast. The event was a significant success, with volunteers gathering a substantial amount of abandoned fishing gear, commonly known as ghost gear. This harmful waste, if left in the ocean, poses a severe threat to marine life.

Recycling for a Sustainable Future

Following the clean-up, Newquay Wild Activities stepped in with their van to collect the retrieved ghost gear, demonstrating their commitment to not only removing the waste but also ensuring its proper disposal. The collected material was then handed over to Ghostnetbusters ALDFG Recovery, an organisation dedicated to recycling abandoned, lost, or otherwise discarded fishing gear.

In addition to supporting the removal of ghost gear, Newquay Wild Activities also highlighted their collaboration with Waterhaul, a Newquay-based company known for its innovative approach to recycling. Waterhaul transforms old fishing lines and ropes into high-quality sunglasses, showcasing a fantastic example of turning waste into valuable products.

Community Call to Action

Newquay Wild Activities extends an open invitation to individuals and organisations in need of assistance with environmental projects. Their message is clear: they are ready and willing to support initiatives aimed at preserving the natural beauty of Newquay and its surroundings. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch via email to explore how Newquay Wild Activities can contribute with their van and other resources.

This story of community cooperation, environmental preservation, and innovative recycling demonstrates how collective efforts can lead to meaningful change. By working together, Newquay’s residents and businesses are setting a remarkable example of how to care for our planet for future generations.