Portuguese town awarded ‘sustainable tourist destination’ – The Portugal News

Portuguese town awarded ‘sustainable tourist destination’ – The Portugal News

The tourism fair taking place in Berlin has recognised the Portuguese municipality as ‘Green Destinations Platinum’. In 2021, Cascais had received ‘Gold’ status.

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09 Mar 2024, 14:03

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According to Jornal Económico, the town of Cascais was recognised with the ‘Green Destinations Platinum’ award at the tourism fair that took place this week in Berlin, Germany.

This award is given by the Green Destinations Foundation, which promotes the sustainability of tourist destinations, rewarding and certifying them according to environmental, cultural, economic, social, and management criteria.

In 2021, Cascais had received ‘Gold’ status. Platinum certification is recognised for tourist destinations that are guided by a code of ethics, that rigorously monitor tourism, that is based on strategic planning, and that have sustainability indicators in the field of tourism.

Luís Almeida Capão, Municipal Director of Environment and Sustainability at Cascais City Council, says that “Cascais aims to be the best place to live for a day, a week or a lifetime, and that is why we have increased the area of ​​green spaces, the number of trees planted and we saw an increase in biodiversity, both in protected and urban areas”.

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