Qcells, SOLARCYCLE Partner on Solar Panel Recycling – Solar Industry

Qcells, SOLARCYCLE Partner on Solar Panel Recycling – Solar Industry
Kelly Weger

Qcells has announced a partnership with SOLARCYCLE to recycle the company’s decommissioned, owned and installed solar panels in the U.S.

Recycled materials from Qcells’ panels, such as aluminum, silver, copper, silicon and low-iron glass are set to be reused in the domestic supply chain for future manufacturing. 

Qcells operates the largest silicon-based solar panel factory in the U.S, based in Dalton, Ga. One in three solar panels installed on rooftops in the country are made by Qcells, says the company.

Qcells will work with SOLARCYCLE to recycle its own installed panels and will also refer its customers to the company.  SOLARCYCLE currently operates facilities in Odessa, Texas, and Mesa, Ariz. and says it has inked long-term partnerships with more than 40 solar energy companies.  

“We are proud of the clean energy products we offer, but Qcells is committed to going further than that,” says Kelly Weger, Qcells’ director of sustainability. “We want our solar panels to not only help our customers cut costs and carbon, but also to be a part of building a more sustainable clean energy industry. Our partnership with SOLARCYCLE will give our panels a life after powering homes, businesses and communities, reducing waste and reusing pieces for all types of technology including solar.” 

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