Reduce. Re-use and Upcycle. – KATC News

Reduce. Re-use and Upcycle. – KATC News


Do you like to shop for bargains? If you’re into thrifting your wardrobe, you might be interested in upcycling.

Posted at 10:19 PM, Feb 19, 2024

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Reduce. Re-use and upcycle.

Ever heard of upcycling?

Upcycling is a term that refers to taking an object or material and re-purposing it into something of greater value.

Several Jennings residents like Becky Fruge said they enjoy thrifting because they can maximize their spending and re-use already-donated items.

“That’s pretty much what I do because prices are so high and it helps our community,” Fruge said. “It helps people that are in need.”

Fruge said she frequents both The Goodwill and The Way to Thrift in Jennings and likes to shop local.

“I come once a week and check out what they have,” Fruge said. “[I like to] keep up to date on what they have [to offer].

According to, American household debt hit a record of 16.9 trillion dollars, up 2.75 trillion dollars since 2019.

Instead of paying full-price for clothes, shoes and accessories, Bart Rodriguez is a father of seven and also prefers a bargain.

Rodriguez said his wife knows how to sew and can upscale just about anything.

“My wife was in F-F-A,” Rodriguez said. “She did sewing and quilting and her grandmother and mother did quilting and still do.”

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