Residents can see choice of new recycling containers for themselves in Coalville council offices – Coalville Nub News

Residents can see choice of new recycling containers for themselves in Coalville council offices – Coalville Nub News

The choice of new-look recycling being planned for the district is now available for the public to see for themselves.

Last month, North West Leicestershire District Council launched a consultation HERE which will run until April, while the authority continues to review how recycling and waste collection is carried out across the district.

The current recycling system in North West Leicestershire could be binned in favour of new containers – replacing the current boxes and bags used to collect paper, card, plastics, cans and glass.

The council has been asking residents to review three options.

But now the choice of bins is on show in the Customer Service Centre in Belvoir Road in Coalville.

Cllr Michael Wyatt, NWLDC Portfolio Holder for Community and Climate Change, said: “Anyone can nip in and take a look at the options.

“I’ve had people say they needed more information on capacity, which I absolutely agree with, so I’m hopeful this will give residents an opportunity to make a more constructive response when taking part in the survey.

“People who wish to change their mind, who have already sent in their views, can send them again if they so wish

“I’ve requested this so people can see what they actually look like.”

NWLDC is asking residents for their views on these options:

  • Two bins – Two wheelie bins for separated recycling
  • Stackable recycling trolley – Three separate boxes stacked on a wheeled frame, residents would be issued with two of these
  • A Quatro bin – A wheelie bin separated into four sections for different types of recycling.

The council says a review of its recycling and waste collection service will help NWLDC plan for an increasing population, changes in recycling habits and prepare for changes in collection requirements.

From 2025, the Government has announced local authorities will need to collect food waste and cartons at the kerbside, along with a future requirement to collect plastic wrapping and film.

The results of the consultation will be reviewed by the council’s waste service, before a recommendation is presented to the council’s Cabinet.

The council will then draft a plan for introducing the new system in line with Government changes.