This upcycled planter explores the concept of ‘infinity’ with its cradle-to-cradle approach – Yanko Design

This upcycled planter explores the concept of ‘infinity’ with its cradle-to-cradle approach – Yanko Design

Introducing you to a world where gardening transcends the ordinary and becomes an exciting journey of artistry and sustainability with the EIGHT(8) Gardening Kit. This isn’t your typical garden tool – it’s a mesmerizing blend of nature’s circular dance and eco-conscious design, inviting you to explore a miniature world where form, function, and environmental mindfulness converge in a seamless embrace. It’s a gardening experience that goes beyond the ordinary, where every curve tells a story and each plant finds its own unique haven within the artistic confines of this Gardening Kit.

Designer: Jeongchun Lee

The designer has ingeniously incorporated the shape of the number ‘8’ into the design, using a single line that weaves into a consecutive curve. This design not only represents the cyclical nature of life but also serves as a canvas for creating a miniature nature within its form.

One of the most striking features of the EIGHT is its commitment to sustainability. Crafted as an upcycling object, this gardening kit is made from water-based eco resin blended with crushed oyster shells. The use of eco-resin minimizes environmental impact, while the crushed oyster shells add a touch of natural beauty to the product.

The Gardening Kit is a dynamic piece of art with a rise-and-fall landform reminiscent of a ‘petit-jardin’ (little garden). The undulating surface creates a visually intriguing landscape that captivates the eye. What makes it even more fascinating is the use of sheer refraction from the oyster shell fragments, adding a natural aesthetic to the overall design.

EIGHT goes beyond traditional gardening kits by allowing users to create a unique individual garden that reflects personal taste. Natural elements can be placed within the kit, providing different impressions when viewed from various angles. This versatility not only makes it a functional gardening tool but also a customizable piece of décor that adapts to the user’s preferences.

The Gardening Kit measures 150mm in width, 220mm in depth, and 80mm in height. Its compact size makes it suitable for various living spaces, bringing a touch of nature to any environment. And everyone loves a bit of green to complement their interiors right? The collaborative effort with Woothic Studio adds an extra layer of expertise and creativity, ensuring that the product is not only visually appealing but also thoughtfully designed.

The EIGHT Gardening Kit beautifully merges form and function, offering gardening enthusiasts a unique and sustainable way to cultivate their green spaces. With its nature-inspired design, eco-friendly materials, and customizable features, EIGHT(8) stands as a shining example of how creativity and sustainability can coexist harmoniously in modern design.