Upcycled Grape Distilleries – Trend Hunter

RE:FIND Distillery is a craft distillery located in Paso Robles, California, that produces artisan spirits from upcycled and recovered all-natural grape and grain. The distillery was founded by Alex and Monica Villicana, who are also the owners of Villicana Winery. RE:FIND Distillery uses the saignée (free-run juice) from premium red wine grapes that are usually discarded during the winemaking process, and ferments and distills it into vodka and gin. The distillery also collaborates with local brewers to make whiskey from their beer. RE:FIND Distillery is committed to using natural, organic, and locally sourced ingredients, and to distilling 100% of their spirits in Paso Robles.

RE:FIND Distillery’s wine made from upcycled grapes is an innovative and sustainable product that has positive implications for the wine industry. By using the saignée that would otherwise go to waste, RE:FIND Distillery is able to reclaim about 60 acres of premium wine grapes each year, saving water, fuel, and manpower. The distillery also creates a unique and high-quality product that appeals to consumers who value authenticity, transparency, and environmental responsibility. RE:FIND Distillery’s wine made from upcycled grapes is an example of how products can be designed to reduce waste, conserve resources, and create value for both producers and consumers.

Image Credit: RE:FIND