Upcycling Art and African Elections: A Double Feature – BNN Breaking

Upcycling Art and African Elections: A Double Feature – BNN Breaking

Selema’s Artistry in Upcycling Waste and the Upcoming African Elections

Selema, a unique artist and craftsman, has taken the art world by storm with his passion for upcycling waste materials into masterpieces. Finding beauty in the mundane, he transforms discarded items such as old Nokia phone batteries and empty hair relaxer bottles into functional crafts like torches. His journey into the world of crafting wasn’t accidental but inspired by his childhood interests and his father, a skilled metalworker who created items like trailers and donkey carts. Such familial influence helped Selema shape his unique style, turning crafting from a mere interest into a passion.

Art in Transformation

Selema’s art isn’t just about creating something beautiful or functional out of waste. It’s about the transformative power of art. Every discarded item he picks up doesn’t merely transform into a new object but symbolizes a possibility – a possibility to create, to change, and to inspire. His art also serves as a reminder of the importance of recycling and the potential of waste materials when seen through a creative lens.

Upcoming Elections in Africa

On another note, national elections are on the horizon in various African countries including South Africa, Mozambique, Rwanda, Ghana, and Botswana. Botswana, adhering to its electoral tradition, is expected to go to the polls in October 2024. With the elections impending, the article encourages citizens to partake actively in the electoral process, starting from registration to casting their votes. The importance of civic engagement and the role of voting in shaping new governments are emphasized, underlining that every vote counts and can be instrumental in nation-building.

Role of Independent News Sources

The publication, Mmegi, is highlighted as a leading independent news source in Botswana. Covering a wide range of topics from current affairs, politics, business, sports, debates, to analysis and entertainment, Mmegi has been instrumental in keeping the citizens informed about national and international events. As Botswana gears up for the upcoming elections, independent news sources like Mmegi play a crucial role in fostering informed citizens and promoting a healthy democracy.